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Orosei, around and about

Cala Luna

Orosei, around and about

Cala Goloritzé

Orosei, around and about

Cala Liberotto Pond

Orosei, around and about

Bue Marino Grotto

Orosei, around and about

View of Sardegna

Orosei, around and about

Orosei, a time-honoured, prestigious seaside town on the eastern coast of Sardinia and the main crossroads of the area still known as Le Baronie, is located just an hour's drive from the sea port and airport at Olbia. Describing its stunning beauty in just a few lines is an impossible task, but we'll do our best!

Even just the historical centre of Orosei, on its own, is very much worth the trip. Nestling amid the mouth of the River Cedrino, the imposing Monte Tuttavista with its breathtaking panorama of the Gulf, and the wonderful beaches lining the coast, the characteristic town centre has been perfectly preserved and offers visitors a plethora of attractions, including myriad churches, ancient palazzos laden with history, and small treasures such as the "Don Giovanni Guiso" Museum of Miniature Theatres, the Old Prison (Prigione Vecchia) and the Pisan-era Tower (Torre) of Sant’Antonio Abate.

Lovers of the seaside cannot fail to immerse themselves in the captivating pearls scattered across the whole Gulf of Orosei.

Within a radius of just 15 km, you will come to Marina di Orosei (the closest, just 3 km away),  Osalla, Cala Liberotto, Cala Ginepro and, heading further north, the enchanting Bidderosa Nature Reserve, a bona fide corner of paradise to which access is limited, with a view to preserving its beauty: 550 hectares of pine forest, basin, granite mountains and five coves with incredibly fine sand, embellished by rows of pink coral, worked by the sea and lying sweetly at the water's edge. Still further north, you can lose yourself among the majestic dunes of Berchida and of Capo Comino.

To the south of Orosei, you can marvel at the legendary bays of the Gulf, such as Cala Luna, Cala Sisine, Cala Mariolu and Cala Goloritzé, which can be reached by sea using the services from Orosei and Cala Gonone, which is around 30 minutes' drive from us.

Those with a passion for speleology (the exploration of caves) and trekking are sure to adore the impressive Grotte del Bue Marino ("Caves of the Monk Seal"), which can only be reached by sea and which owes it name to the presence here of the eponymous mammal – sadly seen only very rarely these days around here. 

As you move inland, just 7 km from Orosei lies the splendid Galtellì, stated Borgo Autentico d'Italia and literary park dedicated to Grazia Deledda, Nobel Prize in Literature. Moreover, just 15 km from Orosei, you come to the Grotte di Ispinigoli ("Caves of the fish bone caught in the throat"), which are renowned for the presence of the tallest stalagmitic column in the whole of Europe (38 metres) and, further on, after another hour's drive, there is the Gola di Su Gorropu, an exceptionally striking canyon deep in the heart of the Supramonte area. Half-way along the road, you will come to the Valle di Lanaittu and the stunning neuralgic village of Tiscali, which can only be reached on foot, with the assistance of the knowledgeable local guides.

As we said at the start, it is utterly impossible to describe everything. But if you're unsure as to what to do, don't worry. We know this part of the island inside out, because we have always lived here. Thanks to you network of partners, we will help you organise the most memorable excursion you have ever been on, whether on foot, by boat, on horseback, in a Jeep or in a canoe ... the list is endless.

Orosei, its wonderful gulf and its mysterious, ancestral hinterland look forward to making your acquaintance.